Tuesday, November 24, 2009

5th March 1931 K.A Subramaniam 27 November 1989 Remaining steadfast beside me…

Remaining steadfast beside me…

It is so hard to believe I have spent only my initial most years with you.

Every time I hear people talk about you with so much awe I wish I had the opportunity to spend more time with you.

It is probably because we had so little time with each other you showered me with all the love that is needed for an eternity.

All your videos, photos and all the stories I’ve heard about you, made me picture you as someone who has been there in every part of my life and helped me lead every step I’ve taken.

You told me not to worry about anything and that you will always be there for me even before I could speak my first word, but you were long gone before I even had the chance to deal with the real problems in life.

When it comes to you nothing is impossible, I ask you for the moon on a moonless night and you show me moon on the wall with torch light. All your dreams were well ahead of your time. Whatever people are saying now you said them two decades ago.

I’m so proud to even share my genes with such a righteous man. How is it possible for a person to have all the knowledge, virtue, commanding personality and yet be so simple?

You’ve lead a quintessential life, you’ve followed every single thing you preached.

You said "Adaiya nedung kathavum, Anjel enra sollum vendum” * and our Sathiamanai never had a door. You were a man of your words.

When you lied frozen amid all the trees you planted, the books you treasured and the people who esteemed you, they all knew without a doubt that the world will never see another human so full of love, so full of honesty, so full of integrity and so full of hopes and dreams for his country and people.

Along with all the people, whose lives you’ve made an impact on, I will live your dreams and make them come true.

Thatha, you have always been my hero and you always will be. Love you!

* In Tamil

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